Emerald Dragon FAQ

What is Apothecary Tinctures?

Sacred Walk Apothecary Tinctures were developed based on a Salish recipe for Immune Support and Immune Boosting. There are also calming and women's moon cycle tinctures.

What types of Pipes Do you Have?

We have all types and glass and silicone pipes. We are always looking for local glass blowers.

Do you have any other smoking related item?

We have papers, rigs, pens and all sorts of smoking related items.

How often do you get new art in-store?

We completely change our walls every three months. Local artists are welcome.

Do you host any events?

We only host one event, First Friday.

What is First Friday?

First Friday is our art opening night. The artists show their work, and we serve refreshments.

Is all of your products local to Montana?

The majority of the products in our store were made by talented friends and neighbors in Montana. We are proud to be a Made in Montana shop.