Increase Your Health and Wellness

Stock up on locally made herbal remedies in Bozeman, MT

Emerald Dragon Company carries herbal remedies that have been made using recipes from the Salish tribe. These locally made herbal remedies are part of a strong tradition, and many of our customers find them to be incredibly useful in their everyday lives. If something is ailing you, you should visit our store in Bozeman, MT.

These safe herbal recipes for children and adults are made with local plants, so you can feel confident using them. Call today to learn more.

3 powerful herbal remedy formulas

Locally made herbal remedies can help you feel healthier and increase your overall sense of wellness. Three of our most popular products are all made using recipes from the Salish tribe. These are:

  1. Sacred Walk Apothecary Immune Boost
  2. Sacred Walk Apothecary Calm
  3. Sacred Walk Apothecary Viral Immune Support

We also carry Women's Moon Cycle, which is a hormone-balancing tincture. Purchase some today to tap into natural healing.

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